10 Guidelines For Best Exam Outcomes

Exam results are now released! So, what’s your score? How much of it composes your real score? Where’d you get your answer? Is it from your own brain or from your seatmate’s? Admit it or not, all people who are once students, have cheated in their exams at least once or twice. I still doubt if there are students who cheated just once or twice though. Or if you’ll say you didn’t ever cheat, I’ll remind you that liars go to hell. This cool-looking deed isn’t that easy to be avoided. It’s absolutely inevitable as most of the students know and experience.

In my work I go around the world giving keynote talks on leadership and innovation and I often address large, prestigious audiences. Part of the reason that I can do that is because one teacher took the initiative and gave me a challenge. He asked me to do something I had never done and helped me to learn how to do it.

The Yaeger website makes bold claims as they state the pass rate is 88%. Dr. Phil Yaeger has helped people get ready for the exam since its launch in 1977. I was attracted to the fact Dr. Yaeger and his team provided access to a tutors help line. It is part of their student support system and is an 800 number. I made loads of calls to this hotline and have talked with very patient instructors (including Dr. Yaeger himself a couple of times) who never completed the call until I had no further questions.

Disinterested. Remember your client’s birthdays and other significant events. Send them a card if they are getting married. Enquire about their kid’s rbse result. Not too much, or you risk looking like a stalker – but the right amount of interest is flattering to anyone.

At sixteen I was told that I should consider being shelf filler in a shop. There is nothing wrong with that job at all, I just wanted to have a choice about my career.

During these times of global recession and uncertainty, it is understandable that some people may get overwhelmed and distressed. However, we must resist the urge to revert to simplistic and polarised thinking. In a recession we need progressive thinking rather than regressive thinking. It’s also worth bearing in mind, that black and white thinking is used in cults were no alternatives are given and freethinking is not allowed.

Then one morning I just simply started talking in full sentences. Everyone was astounded. However, it became apparent that I was not learning anything easily. When I started school it became even more apparent as other children became a measuring stick to what a child of my age should be able to achieve. One of my first memories was how angry teachers would get with my lack of learning.

When taking the NCSBN test, time is your best enemy. Calm yourself; take one question at a time. Don’t let anything distract you. If you have any doubts about your answer, change it if you have a strong feeling about it.

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