4 Tips To Naturally Air Condition Your Home

First, if your crawlspace contains moisture, ensure that no vents are blocked to prevent air from circulating in the crawlspace. There are several drying/anti-moisture products on the market available at home centers. These products are a type of sealant that can be spread throughout the crawlspace, much like you’d spread paint or glue.

You can install recessed fixtures sandwiched between the ceiling joists of a new building. You can do this even if a home is being majorly remodeled. You can obtain recessed fixtures that are intended for structures already in place. These fixtures can be slipped into the existing ceiling space, after making holes to accommodate the wiring. The fixtures offered by us are IC housing rated, and so these can be used safely even when ceiling insulation products is present. When your ceiling is not insulated, you can choose a non-IC housing rated fixture.

If your crawlspace is an attic crawlspace, check the ceiling, insulation, and roof areas to make sure there are no leaks. If you find leaks or sources of moisture, use the anti-moisture sealant mentioned above. It would also be good to have someone inspect your roof for any missing shingles or leak sources on the outside. Plus, make sure that your roof vents are open and functioning properly. Put a fan in the crawlspace just as you would for a crawlspace under the house to dry out the area.

You can install an ice and water protector at the eaves of your home and in valley areas under the shingles. This will prevent water from entering your home unless the Ice Dam is higher than the protection provides.

Insulation of attic stairs kits is pretty straight forward. Do what carpenters did to the ceiling!! Insulation cuts rather cleanly: do attic stairs insulation and with a small paper mask you should do just fine. Now you need to worry about vermin. There are ways to lay traps that let them out but not back in. If you have bats it is worse. Only during certain seasons can they be evicted. You don’t want mummified bat babies up there!!

The r value of the cellulose that is used is R-3.2 to 3.8 per square inch. The loose filled fiberglass will have an R-value of R-2.2 to 2.7 per inch cube. To achieve the desired R value, you will have to depend on both the depth of the insulation as well as the density.

You can alter the brilliance, and set different areas of the room in various brightness. These lights provide you the flexibility of trying out different options of illuminating your living spaces. You can switch some lights on, and keep other off to give a good look to your rooms. Depending on the ceiling height and its design, you can choose the kind of recessed lighting that best suits you room.

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