Acne Treatment: You Can Go Overboard!

Acne is a given in almost everyone’s life. You reach those teen years, and they seem to pop up at every second. It’s thought that woman’s hormonal cycles also have something to do with the overall problem of hormonal acne and its treatment. Let’s see what we can find out!

Following a proper cleansing routine that includes a good acne cream will also help prevent acne and treat acne lesions. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you can treat dry skin acne problems with the same skin care specialist used to treat oily skin. These types of treatment are usually too harsh for dry skin.

Our daily diet, lifestyle and amount of stress that we need to bear contribute to acne as well. Stress is able to cause your immune system to weaken and also causes your body to produce more hormones which will then lead to acne. Besides that, our intake of food could cause our hormones to be imbalanced. Food that contains high sugar level can cause androgens to be produced excessively.

Cystic acne is caused by when the oil ducts in the skin become clogged. This will lead to the ducts (or pores) becoming infected. The oil ducts are over producing oils that are generally need to help keep the skin moist as well as to help the hair follicle to ease out of the skin. Yet, for many teenagers, hormones are all out of control and this can cause these oil glands to simply produce too much oil. Eventually, bacteria find there way into this area and irritate it enough to cause the infection on the skin. This is what cystic acne is.

A pimple begins in a pore of your skin. A healthy pore is clean and unblocked. The problem begins when dead skin cells and oil clog up your pore. Bacteria then breeds in the mix causing an inflammation or irritation which we see as a pimple. That is why you should not pick your pimples as you can end up spreading the bacteria, leading to more pimples.

The skin will always require water to function properly and oil will not substitute. Never think of skipping the most important treatment regimen, moisturizing you skin. It always a good practice to thoroughly clean your face everyday. By doing this you will also remove oil which in general are always causing your never-ending acne problems. Clean your face regularly and never forget to moisturize it as this will remove excess oil on your face.

An acne patient is normally warned to desist from caffeine consumption as that tends to aggravate the acne. Excessive sugar consumption is not good for people who suffer from acne for the accelerating effect it uses on cystic acne. Being an acne sufferer, your weight loss ambitions really should be simply for things may help heal your skin comparable to vegetables and fruit.

This is the 5 reasons why I think holistic route is better than conventional route. The only cons of the holistic treatment are it takes time to see the results, so it is not surprised to see many people are turned off with it. Accepting holistic acne treatment is simply the best choice to be made if you want to eliminate acne from your life.

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