At&T For Your Electric Car?

Get a vehicle : You can convert your existing car easily. There is no rule about car selection. However, it would be easier to use small truck because it has plenty of room for batteries but this is not a must.

It has required us years to finally figure out that we a change when it comes to energy to run our vehicles. The requirement for the Electric Car Expert is overwhelming. Getting oil from abroad and trusting on those countries that has them, it made us a different nation in terms of standing up on our own. We have become a nation that is very oil dependent, acquiring power sources from other countries abroad. Not only that, we are greatly contributing to the devastation of nature with the extraordniary use of these power which emits pollution as their by product. We are draining the earth instead of taking power from the one source where it is abundant – the sun.

8) Stay Away From Traffic! Being in heavily traffic areas can cause your gas bill to rise up, because your breaking every 30 seconds(see no. 5) and your on the road longer than you have to be!

9) Errands! I’m sure you heard this one before, but it is a common mistake! Get all of your errands on the least amount of trips possible: Less miles for your car, less money to put in your car!

While Delhi is all about trying to find a new car launch, Beijing was all about trying to find an original new car design. Yes, the Chinese are still as original as Boyzone and respect IPRs as much as Pyongyang respects Washington. The whole event was a terrific showcase for copycats, or to put it succinctly, innovative copycats. So we had copies of BMW X5s, powered by Mitsubishi diesels, made by ShuangHuan Auto and badged as SCEO. The company also had SUVs that mixed and matched the front and rear ends of the Nissan X-Trail (Greatwall Sing), Chevrolet Colorado and Land Cruisers (Dadi Shuttle). And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you know where to look and what to search for, all the parts – including the batteries – to convert a car can be found locally for a very low cost and sometimes even for free. The time and effort spent locating parts is easily paid for by the cost savings.

Now what if you could convert the same car for under $500? You can get the same power and range for a little over 5% of what you would spend on a kit project with no additional work.

Do yourself a favor and the environment by choosing to go green. For more tips from the electric car experts, contact O’Neil Nissan of Warminster today.

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