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Tonight’s American Idol premiere week auditions episode took place in Atlanta, Georgia–birthplace of host Ryan Seacrest. Joining the American Idol judges Simon, Randy, and Kara tonight was guest judge Mary J. Blige, whose stellar music credits include nine Grammy awards.

Dave blames it on those big Californian farms with perfect conditions and industrial production techniques. Apparently a contorted cucumber is just not a part of California’s laidback lifestyle-at least not a part it wants Massachusetts to know about. We see only the Robert Redfords of radishes; the George Clooneys of carrots.

I watched the final episode wondering how these three people made it to the end. One in particular I really didn’t care for. I thought Brandi wasn’t much of a team player and she was too much into herself. This wasn’t a Beauty Pageant Awards where it is all about you. This was a chance to give to others and it was supposed to be all about the people you are giving to. I have no idea how she lasted in the competition. I was glad to see she didn’t win. I wasn’t very impressed with her idea of giving to the hospital. It didn’t seem to be a practical application. I’m not sure these kids would even be allowed to cook, much less cook in a hospital. It was a nice thought but I think she did it in a rush and didn’t think about her idea. She just wanted to do SOMETHING, was the feeling I got.

It is not unusual to have mixed emotions about attending your reunion. Most of us don’t look like we did in high school, but that’s okay. It might even be a bit difficult to recognize some of your classmates and visa versa. You may feel that you are not exactly where you would like to be in this stage of your life, don’t let that make you feel inadequate. Rest assured not everyone at your reunion will be a rocket scientist or a movie star. Throw away your preconceived ideas on what you think you should have accomplished, share what is important to you now. Be proud of your fellow classmates if they have succeeded in their endeavors and equally if you have some accomplishments of your own, don’t be afraid to share that.

This particular hair style is best for hair that is medium to thick and chin length or longer. While it works best with straight hair, curly hair can be very pretty in this style as well. If your hair is fine, you may want to add volume with a pin-on ponytail or add-on hair strands.

With a medium size curling iron, curl small sections of hair starting with the strands on the very outside of the ponytail. You may want to experiment to get the right curls size based on your hair and the shape of your face.

This is no different with architecture. When designing great buildings an architect will put much of their thought into designing the top of the building. When you think of the White House what do you picture? Probably it’s dome. Do you even know what the lower part of the Empire State Building looks like? I don’t, all I can picture is what the top looks like.

You can easily improve your life’s quality by whitening your teeth. Whiter teeth not only makes you much more attractive; it helps you to be more confident in society. More comfort in social settings can help you lead a more enjoyable life. Use these tips to improve your smile with affordable and quick teeth-whitening strategies.

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