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Welcome to a new feature on the Textingly blog. Each week, we will offer five tips for how a small business can get more phone numbers for text message marketing.

Educate your customer continuously. Run clients only offers. Let your customers come to know that you love them and care for them. That way they are far more likely to give you referrals. You will be the first person who comes to their minds about a certain service.

It’s essential that you make sure when you send a text that you make it feel like it’s from a friend, and not just a SPAMMY type SMS message. Include the person’s name like you would if you were doing email marketing.

Networks are crucial to your success. Actually never try to be a lone ranger. When you are in a network, it is far much easier to get referrals. You also get to have good ideas. You will know how other members of your group are dealing with referrals.

Create engagement. Set up a mobile scavenger hunt or a contest and have your customer play along. Perhaps have them go through the show room to find key information on the cars your offering, or answer questions about the amazing finance plan you’ve just set up.

Mass texting is usually a very good thing, because it informs you of so many different levels of communications. This software can be downloaded from various websites. You can begin taking advantage of it as soon as you can. sms marketing software is something that comes in handy when you really need it to. It works in many ways that you may have never imagined. You will not go back to using any other form of communication such as newspaper ads, etc. if you want to get a message out, or advertise something for your business. Once you use this software, you are not going to want to use anything else. That is how good it actually works, and has no comparison on anything else.

With New Year SMS too, you can write it from anywhere you are on your phone especially when you are in a place where you cannot receive or make a call due to restrictions or noise. Here a free SMS comes to your rescue. These free SMS service have given people a million reasons to feel free to get in touch with their long lost and almost forgotten friends and even start your love stories.

Engaging customers also makes them loyal and increases likelihood of doing a bigger purchase every time they shop. Furthermore, engaged customers are also likely to refer other customers to you.

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