Living With Osteoarthritis-Strategies For Reducing The Pain And Discomfort

In the last post I suggested that you can DIY certain acupuncture points and treat yourself. Today let’s talk about the Five Tigers and how to use them.

Limit your day to day stresses. Emotional stress is a large reason for infertility in a lot of women. We all get stressed in one way or another, and it is imperative to learn how to cope with it. Acupuncture and acupressure are essential proven methods in reducing stress, and regular sessions will greatly increase your chances of conception.

Place the Otto 32 at the bottom of the foot. If you are familiar with Acupuncture tips, this would be Kidney 1 (K1). Then place the fork on the tips of the toes, between the toes, just below the toe nails, on either side of the Achilles tendon, the ankle area and up towards the knees. The Otto 48 feels very good on the sternum and by the ears as well.

However, women that have made it an ordeal in their lives to have children, hearing that they may never be able to conceive can be heartbreaking. If you’re a woman who is reaching your 40’s, and you are having a hard time conceiving, there is hope for you. Remember that!

Drowsy driving is hazardous to your health. Working Acupuncture tips while sleepy is non-productive. Making decisions when you are sleep-deprived is never wise. What else do I need to say. Go to bed. Get some sleep.

Our feet consist of about 60 acupuncture tips. When Detox foot patch stimulates these acupuncture tips, the toxins are expelled from our body. However, Detox foot patch should not be used on any open wound.

There are many medications and smoking aids listed on how to stop smoking. Consult a doctor and your local chemist on the effectiveness and the results of these. There may still be friends in your peer group that still smoke and may urge you to do so as well. Try to avoid the temptation to give in and also make it know that you are quitting the habit, and the literature on quitting absolutely forbids even succumbing to one cigarette. Your friends may be able to argue and convince you but they are powerless in front of the experts. Further, extend your peer group and also include people who have quit. This way you’ll remain self motivated, and others will also be able to motivate you.

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