Making Money Online From Home – 3 Proven Tips That You Need To Know

A blog is super powerful – it’s like a business card, seminar, and resume wrapped in one. People get everything they need to know about you out of a handful of posts and then they ask you to keep sending info to them. I love my blog and it’s been of the single most fantastic tools in my IM toolbox. Here are 10 tips to help you master your own blog quicker and more efficiently.

At the end of my free short story, I included an excerpt of my novel as well as links showing folks where they could buy the ebook. While this didn’t turn me into an overnight bestseller it did help me start selling ebooks guest blog posting service at Smashwords and Barnes Noble places where I hadn’t had much luck before).

E-book: If you do not want to create the E-Course, you could certainly create an E-book. An e-book is longer that a Special Report and not broken up into lessons as an E-Course. This gives you a chance to thoroughly examine and discuss all aspects of the topic.

Most blogs allow blogger outreach services service because they need fresh content. This allows you to write a guest post, per their guidelines, and include a link or two back to your website. You gain direct traffic, powerful backlinks, and exposure with this process and you will find plenty of blogs to provide content for in your niche.

Bloggers like to have guest bloggers from time to time because it gives their readers another perspective or voice to ‘listen’ to. Guest bloggers are also used to provide information that the blog owner might not have experience with.

The key with driving traffic is being consistent. You have to offer up quality content regularly. Otherwise, why do people need to keep coming back to your site or blog?

SEO is a fast changing landscape and there could be updates to the search engine algorithms almost every day. However, it not about reacting to these changes but about building a more permanent marketing campaign, of which SEO benefits is one of the site benefits. Guest blogging is certainly a step in that direction.

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