Prince’s The Gold Experience: An Album Review

Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee bills itself as “The Birthplace of Rock ‘N Roll,” and it’s hard to argue with that label. The small studio is the place where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and other musicians recorded in the 1950s, creating some of the most legendary songs in popular music history.

Be thorough when looking at a potential purchase. Be sure to inspect it, crawl under the Classic don’t just look at the outer body, look for rust and weak repairs in the frame and floor boards. Paying attention to the little things like this will help in several different ways. One this will help in getting to know the Classic; two it will provide insight on how much restoration needs to be done; three it will help with any price negotiation that might need to be done at the time of purchase. As an unexplored Classic purchase could cost a lot more in the long run than what was allotted for.

Any lover of the ruby gemstone would be very happy with diamond ruby jewelry, even if the budget will only provide for one or two special pieces. The combination of yellow gold and the richness of diamonds and rubies will look stunning in any type of jewelry piece, whether it be a ring, pendant, earrings or bracelet. Even an anklet with delicate rubies encircling the ankle would look beautiful.

Fairy lights can be used to create a magic environment for any kind of festive occasion. For example wedding and birthday parties are really special when illuminated with strings and displays of coloured lights.

Simply stated the Fed is using its own printed money to pay off its own debts. In the real world, this is called white collar money laundering. The problem with this is the effect on the dollar. Every time the Fed prints money, it makes the rest of the money in the system worth less. To get around this, the Fed picks some arbitrary number that the dollar is worth. This, however does not sit well with other nations when it comes to money exchange and they are not putting up with it any more.

Join a forum, social network, groups, clubs etc., on the internet that is related to your website. Join in the discussions and in your signature line (which most sites allow), post your web site link with a description of it. Each time you post in a conversation, your link is posted as well. Do not spam. That is the fastest way to get banned and lose credibility.

However if you are like me, you like to keep the hype to a limit. So which company is better. Well that all depends on your ultimate outcome. If you want a company where you can collect bullion coins and receive 3-4 silver dollars for what Numis sells one MS70 coin then your choice is not Numis. The higher end MS70 is your thing then Numis may be your business partner. Unfortunately for Numis you can also get the MS70 at Preservation of Wealth.

My bottom-line Sun Studio review: Anyone interested in rock ‘n roll or popular American music should make a visit there. I’ve been to similar museums that weren’t worth the money (Hello, Motown Museum!), but Sun Studio is well worth the price of admission.

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