Short Sale Goldmine – Step-By-Step Process

Real estate marketing online is boosting the economy by increasing property sales. Agents are filling in the blanks on their spreadsheets with sales from buyers and sellers via the internet. Using the web as a advertising channel, realtors are getting tons more exposure fast.

Set up an appointment with your local Real Estate agent. They have experience with selling a home quickly. Also, in order to get your mortgage company to agree to a “short sale” you will have to have your home listed in the MLS with a real estate agent. You have to show proof of a “listing agreement”.

You can only win if you buy when everyone sells in panic. Even if you don’t buy exactly at the bottom, you’ll still need much less time to reach big profits compared to everyone else (yes, including those mutual fund managers).

As a riverfront residences broker, I always fight so that my clients have to pay the least amount as possible to the bank. However, I do warn my clients- the bank is asking for you to contribute, the bank is taking a huge loss and they want you, the homeowner, to take some of the responsibility.

Before you approach a bunch of Realtors, ask yourself what do Realtors need? Realtors make money when they list houses that sell and when then they bring buyers to the table. In other words, they only make money when something is sold. They don’t make money when an investor finds a seller or when an investor finds a buyer. Clearly there is no money made by giving information about the market to investors. Realtors also need word of mouth advertising.

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Overall, make sure to do as much research as you possibly can when getting into real estate. There’s a wealth if information on the internet, at the library, and from your local realtors. Ask around. Someone you know may have had experience in the field. Go into the market wisely with a willingness to learn, and you’ll be just as successful as the guys on the infomercials.

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