Top Ten Video Games Ever Made

As he fulfilled his long-cherished dream of playing a ‘superhero’ through ‘Ra.One’, superstar Shahrukh Khan, who turns 46 today, says he wants to celebrate the day with proper sleep.

Why They’ll Never Get It: Officially, the imaginative world of Pikmin will never grace the 360 or PS3 consoles because it is an IP of Nintendo. On principle, they’ll never get it because Olimar neither carries a gun under his arm nor a woman under his pants.

Trainers who wish to participate in the big farm hack League and become champion must first complete a task of gathering all the gym badges in their region. Gym Badges are fairly decorated badges usually representing the type of Pokemon the Gym Leader uses. As in, Brock of Pewter City uses Rock type Pokemon and his badge you earn from defeating him resembles a boulder.

Poke Ball Shuffle – Watch carefully as Pikachu hops into one of 5 Poke Balls and the balls shuffled on top screen. Use the arrow buttons to choose where Pikachu is hiding. If you guess wrong it shows where Pikachu was and asks if you want to play again.

7) Watch Educational TV. TV has pokemon go a bad reputation over the years, and there is no doubt that too many hours of mindless shows can be a waste of time. But televisions can also be an excellent educational tool.

Look at her when you talk. Yes! It sounds so stupid but it works. Why? Because it will make her slightly nervous, and nervous isn’t always bad. She’ll try to think why it happens and if you’re on her mind it’s a good sign. Just be sure to not stare at her constantly. That is creepy.

Features loads of useful information, consisting of all 151 Pokemon from the Diamond and Pearl Sinnoh Region. Select Pokedex from Main Menu, then “Pokemon Gallery” on menu to enter. Displayed one by one (starting from 001), with top screen displaying character image, name and number on bottom screen, listen to a voice-over description of name and type.

Maybe there is more, more than we can possibly imagine: more beauty, more love, more happiness, and more peace and security than we can conjure up as a worthwhile real image of the world in which we live.

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